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USA gleam contest. Enter to Win Ultimate Wellness Kit Gleam Sweepstakes April May 2018.
Wild Remedies is launching its new Premium Chaga Tea by giving away “The Ultimate Wellness Kit Giveaway” for 3 lucky winners — a $1111 value for FREE!

At Wild Remedies, we believe self-care should be a daily ritual and we want to give everyone the chance to be nourished, healed, and have the positive habits they need to be their best selves. Which is why we’ve partnered with over 15 other like-minded brands to create a package full of incredibly powerful things to incorporate into your daily self-care routine (see list of products above).
The “Ultimate Wellness Kit Giveaway” also includes Wild Remedies Premium Chaga Tea — nature’s most powerful antioxidant that supports complete well-being.

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