Suhr Classic Pro guitar
Suhr Classic Pro guitar

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International gleam contest. Enter to Win Suhr Classic Pro Guitar Sweepstakes June 2018.
Enter for a chance to win amazing prizes and get ready to hit the studio or the stage with your own tone always with you, anytime, anywhere!
Grand Prize:
Suhr Classic Pro guitar ($2200);
BIAS MINI Guitar Head ($799 – includes BIAS AMP 2 Professional software );
Mojotone Slammins Mini 1×12 speaker cabinet ($569);

2nd Prize:
BIAS Pro or TWIN pedal of your choice ($299-349);
Ernie Ball Ambient Expression Delay pedal ($149);

3rd Prize:
BIAS AMP 2 Elite ($299);
Box of 6 sets of Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings ($90).

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