Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

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USA gleam contest. Enter to Win Nintendo Switch Prize Pack Giveaway December 2018 on Database

The Bundle gift box contains:

  • 1 kit Joy-Con Red & Blue silicone grips (4 pieces)
  • 1 kit Joy-Con Black silicone grips (4 pieces)
  • 2 steering wheels (Red & Blue)
  • 2 racket (Red & Blue)
  • 2 grips handles for Switch (Red & Blue)
  • 2 protectors for the screen (Tempered glass, regular glass)
  • 1 TPU (grip handle for the screen with the joy-cons)
  • 1 charging station for 4 Joy-con (USB cable included)
  • 1 travel case
  • 1 card holder
  • 1 pen

And one Switch Pro Controller.

  • Ultimate Accessories Bundle: These 21 accessories cost a fortune separately, but this unique bundle gives you a wide variety of add-ons to improve your gaming, whether you love Smash Bros or multiplayer gaming with your family.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Switch Pro Controller: No need to install any driver – just plug and play! Enjoy Gyro Axis Dual Shock [Turbo Buttons] for Smash Bros. / Star Allies / Zelda / Mario Odyssey etc. Lightweight, ergonomic design with up to 20 hours of battery life!
  • High quality, durable products. All items included in this bundle gift box are made from high quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. Share the fun with the whole family or friends.
  • Peace Of Mind: Protect your device wherever you are with our switch cases, travel case, screen glass protectors and joy-cons silicon grips.
  • 100% Risk–Free Experience: We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing the best products and service with a 1 year warranty.

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