Meural Canvas Digital Frame
Meural Canvas Digital Frame

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The Meural Canvas might look like a beautifully framed art print, but with a swish of your hand or Alexa command, the artwork changes. The subscription service is what really sets it apart from the competition, giving you access to world of diverse art and curated discovery playlists.

Meural Canvas Specifications and Design
Meural is massive with a 27-inch 1080p screen, and beautifully framed with natural American-grown hardwood. Our review unit was black poplar, but natural walnut and white are also available to match any decor. A 2-inch thick white frame surrounds the IPS display panel, enhancing the illusion of a photographic or art print. The entire piece is very hefty: it weighs 20 pounds, and measures 19.2 x 1.6 x 29.5 inches. The natural wood model has a slightly different frame size.

Designed to be hung on the wall, heavy duty wall plugs and a steel fixing plate are supplied. There’s also a small rubber pad to rest the frame on when it’s not on the wall. However, the frame is tapered so it can’t just rest upright on a table, and will need to be tilted against something. It would have been nice if we could set it up freestanding on a shelf in a more stable manner.

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