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International gleamio contest. Enter to Win League of Legends Giveaway October 2018 on Gleam.io List

Watch and Win Worlds 2018 with Mobalytics
We want to see who you think will win Worlds! To earn 20 points, tweet a screenshot of your Pickem for Worlds 2018 with the hashtags #mobalytics #worlds2018 #pickem.

Mobalytics is the first analytics platform for League of Legends players that highlights your strengths and weaknesses and provides you with personalized advice to help you master your game.


Grand Prize: Mystery Box filled with loot straight from Worlds 2018 ($250+ value!) (1 Winner)
2nd Place: Big Statue* + $50 Riot Points (1 Winner)
(*Note that you may choose between Figma Yasuo, Vi Unlocked, Ashe Unlocked, Braum Unlocked, Zed Unlocked, Ekko Unlocked, Katarina Unlocked)
3rd Place: Championship Ashe Figure + $25 RP$50 Riot Points (3 Winners)

Giveaway is international.
Winners will be announced on social media by Mobalytics
Additional Questions? Contact @MobalyticsHQ on twitter!

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