iPhone XR and Case
iPhone XR and Case

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International gleamio contest. Enter to Win iPhone XR and Case Giveaway October 2018 on Best of Gleam.io

Of all the new iPhones Apple announced this year, it seemed like more than anything people wanted to get their hands on the very colorful iPhone Xʀ. Wish you could get your hands on one, too?

Well, after the AMAZING response we got for our biggest giveaway yet with the iPhone Xs Max, we decided to reward our fans with a surprise giveaway of a brand new iPhone Xʀ! Plus any iPhone Xʀ case from www.i-Blason.com

$800 Value

If you’re new to i-Blason giveaways, you’ll learn that we like to make sure everybody has a good chance of winning…

…so we’re offering more ways to enter than ever, with new entries every day to help you increase your chances.


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