iPhone X 256GB
iPhone X 256GB

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International gleam contest. Enter to Win iPhone X Sweepstakes June July August September October 2018.
Win the best communication and entertainment tool in the second edition of the Getflix iPhone X giveaway!
We are back with our highly successful iPhone X giveaway from last year. And we’re back to give our users another chance to win this amazing device that, apart from typical phone functionalities, can be used for streaming video and audio materials, taking amazing photos and recording video footage, using it online for numerous professional and non-professional purposes or simply enjoying a state-of-the-art smartphone that can do so many incredible things.
How about having access to 300+ streaming sites without worrying about geo-restrictions so common for such services as American Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, NHL or BBC? Sounds interesting? Give it a try!
You can enter a giveaway either as a Getflix user or a new user. If you’re not with us yet, simply sign up with us, create a free, trial account and enter the giveaway just like regular Getflix users. Then, what is left for you to do is to follow your usual online routines by sharing, blogging, tweeting, liking, following and recommending our service to anyone. Use your social media profiles and contacts to increase the chances of winning the prize. No fuss, no cost, no tricks. Just some fun that, with a bit of luck, may bring you a brand-new iPhone X!
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