EVGA Motheboards
EVGA Motheboards

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International Sweepstakes. Enter to Win EVGA Motheboards Gleam Contest June 2018.
The only thing bright and beautiful in the future are the lights and flash. But the streets are as dangerous as ever in the cyberpunk landscapes that is the hard streets of Neo Tokyo. Band together to survive and spread the word via the EVGA & Intel Neo Tokyo Nights Social Media Event with one or all methods of entry – the more you enter, the better your chances are to win!

Bundle Prizes:
Bundle 1 [1 x EVGA Z370 Classified K Motherboard, 1 x EVGA DG-87 Full Tower];
Bundle 2 [1 x EVGA X299 FTW K Motherboard, 1 x EVGA CLC 280 CPU Cooler];
1 x EVGA H370 mITX Motherboard;
1 x EVGA SuperNOVA 850 PQ Power Supply;
1 x EVGA Z10 Gaming Keyboard (Brown Switch);
3 x EVGA TORQ X3 Gaming Mouse.

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