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USA contest. Enter to Win Edgecross-X Giveaway November 2018 on GleamList.

EdgeCross-X: The Most Extreme Rapid Full Body Workout System In The World!

An aggressively powerful, total body resistance exercise system utilizing a mix of balancing, strength, and core control called OFF BALANCE LEVERAGE TRAINING, the EdgeCross-X will give you an incredible full body workout in under 10 minutes that will SHRED YOU TO THE CORE!

When you enter and win, you will receive the Full EdgeCross-X Training System, which includes:

1 EdgeCross-X telescoping bar and pair of adjustable handles
2 pairs of end pieces (Intermediate and Advanced Levels)
1 EdgeCross-X balance wheel​
1 pair of wrist straps with rings
1 pair of foot straps with rings
1 waist belt with rings
3 pairs of fabric covered resistance bands (20lb, 25lb and 30lb)
3 rubber resistance bands light, med. and heavy
1 pair of wrist wraps 1 EdgeCross-X carrying bag

In Addition to the full EdgeCross-X system, we will also throw in a whole year supply of the protein powder of your choice! (Either 1 year at a $30 / month voucher or six months at $60 a month).

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