Cryptocurrency GPU Mining
Cryptocurrency GPU Mining

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International gleamio competition. Enter to Win Cryptocurrency GPU Mining Gleam Giveaway July 2018.
Grand Prize – Complete 6 card Mining Rig Kit Including:​

6 – ASUS RX570 oc GPU’s,
1600w EVGA supernova 1600 G2 power supply,
ASUS B250 mining expert motherboard,
120 GB SSD Kingston crucial 8gb DDR4 2400,
3 – Delta brushless high static pressure server fans,
Pentium LGA 1151 processor,
6 riser cards,
Assorted cables and accessories.

2nd Prize – Zotac Geforce 1080 TI;
3rd Prizes – Zotac Geforce 1080 TI;
4th Prize – Custom Foleum GPU miner prototype 10 card case;
+ ASUS B250 mining expert 19-slot motherboard;
5th Prize – Zotac Geforce 1050 TI;
6th – 10th Prizes – $25 in ETH and a Foleum T-shirt;
11th – 15th Prizes – Foleum T-shirt.

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