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International gleam contest. Enter to Win Blueskysea B1W HD 1080p Wi-Fi Stealthy Mini Dash Camera Sweepstakes 2018.
One thing we really like about this camera is its form factor: It’s small, elegant, and extremely stealthy. At this size, it doesn’t even have room for a screen.
You can watch videos over Wi-Fi on your smartphone. The configuration of the camera is also done by Wi-Fi, using a relatively simple smartphone app.
The B1W has voice notifications to inform you about events like “SD Card error”, “memory card detected”, “start recording”, and so on. Of course, you can turn the voice notifications off in the camera’s settings if you don’t like them.
A feature that not many other dash cams have is that you can rotate the B1W 360 degrees around its lateral axis, so it’s easy to just turn it around if at some point you wish to record the interior of the car.
The Blueskysea B1W is our cheapest recommended dash camera for warmer weather. At only $55 it has good video quality, good error notifications, a stealthy form-factor and even WiFi.

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