Gleamio sweeps. Enter to Win Win Beuchat dive gear worth over £549! May 2019 on

What do you win?
Focea 5mm wetsuit (SRP £295) – The Focea Comfort 6 is available in both male and female cuts (so the winner is covered whether they are a man or a woman!) and features anatomical cut, pre-forming, ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene, Fireskin lining for added warmth, and Supatrex kneepads for durability.


Focea hood (SRP £40) – Keep your head warm in colder temperatures with the 5mm Focea hood, which has an anatomical seal at the base to allow for freer head movement without letting in water.
Focea undervest (SRP: £95) – The Focea undervest is perfect for when the temperatures dip and you need that little bit more thermal protection. Made from 2.5mm flexible Elaskin neoprene, the interior is all Fireskin, and it has a smooth neckpiece for a perfect seal with the Focea Comfort 6. The integrated hood has an air-escape system to vent bubbles.
Maxlux S mask (SRP £47.95) – The Maxlux S single-lens mask has a very low-profile, hypoallergenic silicon skirt, and comes in a vast array of – in some instances – extremely vibrant colours.
Spy snorkel (SRP £15) (matching colour to the mask) – The Spy is a simple but effective curved snorkel, with a comfortable silicon mouthpiece, which is ideal for freediving as well as an essential scuba diving companion. It comes in an array of colours to match the Maxlux S mask.
Premium boots (SRP £56.95) – The Premium boots are a good match to the Focea Comfort 6, and feature a double-jersey-lined interior, tough moulded rubber soles, and a fin-strap stud on the heel.


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