Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire

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USA gleam contest. Enter to Win Amazon Kindle Fire Sweepstakes June 2018.
Prize includes:
Sarah J Maas Coloring book & Court of Thorns Series (ALL FOUR BOOKS)– Book one signed by the author.
Kindle Fire with a list of FREE Ebook codes for multiple YA books from the following authors, Carly Marino, Claire Luana, Alyssa Flowers, Scarlett Kol, Jennifer DiGiovanni, Chris Ledbetter, Jennifer Bardsley, L.R.W. Lee, Michele Barrow-Belisle.
Due to the size and awesome value of this prize, we require multiple mandatory entries. Our goal is for a true book lover/collector to win this prize! We figure anyone willing to complete all the actions is someone who truly enjoys reading! In summary, this prize is geared toward fellow book addicts, YA book lovers, and loyal fans. 🙂
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