Gleamio giveaway. Enter to Win Win a Complete Set of Pantera ‘Cowboys From Hell’ Rock Iconz Statues from Revolver! July 2019 on Database.

ο»ΏThe legendary Pantera has partnered with high-end collectible maker KnuckleBonz to launch a new collection of ‘Cowboys From Hell’ Rock Iconz statues. Sold separately or together in a four-pack, the 1/9-scale statues showcase the group in their prime as they appeared performing onstage: Rex Brown and Dimebag wielding guitars, singer Phil Anselmo with mic and Paul holding his drumsticks. The statues are currently still in production and are expected to ship out this fall. Each figure is hand-crafted and comes with a certificate of authenticity, with only 3,000 pieces of each member being produced. Revolver has teamed up with Pantera and KnuckleBonz to offer the full collection to one extremely lucky fan as soon as they are released this Fall. Enter now for a chance to win! β€‹


​One Winner Will Receive​

  • ​One (1) ‘Cowboys From Hell’ Rock Iconz statue set
  • A one-year subscription to REVOLVER Magazine
  • The coolest things you’ll have in your entire house!
* Have shitty luck, click here to pre-order the set now


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