Gleamio giveaway. Enter to Win WIN a 6 month subscription and Jane Austen Gifts worth over £400 July 2019 on

Win JANE AUSTEN goodies and the August DOWNTON ABBEY Inspired box with a 6 month subscription to Quaintly & Co.
Experience the British lifestyle in a new and unique way with a subscription from Quaintly & Co. From the cute and charming villages to the trendy and modern craftsmanship of London, we will leave no boutique, market, or workshop unturned to help you discover genuine British style for you and your home.
Each month our team will design your theme based gift box, which will always contain full sized products from beauty, apparel, accessories, home essentials and crafts. British brands are known and adored around the world for their aesthetic charm and superb attention to detail. At Quaintly & Co, we go the extra mile or two to squeeze all that is cute, quaint and British into an exclusive box for our members.

Our Jane Austen giveaway includes:

  1. Gifts from the Jane Austen Centre, Bath UK  (£100)

Bone China 3 piece tea set

Georgian Style Scarf

Double Drop Regency Pearl Earrings

Cake & Knife Set

& more…

2.  A 6 Month large Subscription for Quaintly & Co. (£300)

Enter for a chance to win our big giveaway of Jane Austen gifts and a FREE 6 month subscription to our large Quaintly & Co. gift boxes. Entries close on July 22nd 2019. subscription begins with August’s Downton Abbey Inspired Box box.


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