Gleamio sweeps. Enter to Win Twitch [Valentine’s Day] Follower give away for $10 League of Legend or $10 Steam Gift Card February 2019 on Database.

Give away for $10 League of Legend RP Card or $10 Steam Gift Card. Winner will be contacted at the end of contest to pick one of the two rewards. This give away is not for both.

$10 League of Legends RP Card- ONLY for LoL accounts in the NA servers. Code cannot be used in any other server.
$10 Steam Gift Card – Winner can be international as steam gift cards are not limited to the purchaser’s location.

Contest will end on February 14 @ 11:59:59 PM EST and the winning draw will be on February 15 in the evening (I will announce the time on Twitter ahead of time)

I will send a twitch whisper to the winner and announce it on Twitter. Winner will have 24 hours to reply back to the message. If winner does not reply back within that time period, they forfeit their winning position and I will have to redo the draw.


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