Gleamio contest. Enter to Win Super Happy Dragon Lucky, August 1, up to 1 Bitcoin worth of Dragons ! August 2019 on GleamList.

On August 1, 0700 PDT, a super special Super Happy Dragon Lucky episode streams on Youtube. 

For a chance to win a bigger prize during the live giveaway, participate by performing the actions below.

Watch the show live, and make sure you are signed in with your YouTube account.

We will let you know how to win during the show. Make sure you are in the YouTube chat, logged in, to win one quarter of a Bitcoin in Dragons.

If the winner also took part in these Gleam actions as listed below, the winner in the show will also win an additional three quarters of a Bitcoin in Dragons, making the prize a total of 1 Bitcoin worth of Dragons.

The giveaway will take place during the livestream on our YouTube channel. Having more than 1 entry  does not increase your chances of winning. 

See all details for the upcoming show and rebrand


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