Gleamio competition. Enter to Win Shardax Grand New Year Giveaway February 2019 on Database.

One coin will receive a free listing on Shardax if the winner nominated them and if the coin is in the top 10 most nominated! So make sure to tell your favourite coins to take part in this free bonus listing, since the more community members that take part the more chance the coin has to be listed.

If 1st place winner didn’t nominate a coin that was in the top 10 then the choice will be passed on to 2nd place winner and so on, until a winner between 1st-50th place nominated a coin in the top 10.

To nominate a coin all you need to do is unlock more entries and answer the question related to nominating a coin. Remember to tell the coin you nominate to get their community to take part to have a greater chance of winning the free listing.

We will post weekly nomination rankings on the Shardax Discord in the #giveaway-coin-listing channel


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