gleam giveaway
gleam giveaway

Gleamio competition. Enter to Win Pieparker’s Game/DLC Giveaway April 2019 on Gleam io Listings.

I’m Pieparker, a variety streamer over on Twitch. I play quite a lot of different games, from titles such as Forza Horizon 4, Insurgency: Sandstorm, DayZ, Rocket League and many, many more.

As a way of giving back to my community, I’m running a giveaway and the prize will be a game or DLC played by me since Christmas Eve 2018… of your choosing! Find a full list of these from my past broadcasts on Twitch.

In order to enter, ensure that you follow me on both Twitch and Twitter, retweet my Twitter giveaway post and check me out on Instagram. I use these platforms all the time to share information about both myself and my channel.

The giveaway will run during the first weekend of March, provided that the following goals are met:

  • 250 Twitch followers
  • 50 Twitter followers
  • 25 Instagram followers

However, don’t be alarmed. If we don’t quite achieve these goals by then, we’ll give it more time and go again. Good luck!


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