Gleamio giveaway. Enter to Win Online Comic-Con: 1000 Arts RARE Bronze Mortighull "Reaper Captain" Coin July 2019 on Best of Gleam.


Factions are an integral part of the Underworld. Each mourner represents a piece of the grander puzzle, each faction a section that would not hold up without its counterparts.

Bone is architectural, providing support, but slow to change. Flesh is expressive – adapting as needed, and quick to recover. Spirit is imaginative and thoughtful, but sometimes remote. 

Each has its own inherent mysteries and each serves the greater good, for the Court and for the mourners of the Underworld.

For this challenge, we want you to gather whatever edible items you have around your home or office and re-create one of the Court of the Dead Faction logos using those items!
Will you choose Flesh, Bone, Spirit? Or… perhaps Blood? (Although, we do recommend minding your company when speaking of Blood… RaahAhaaHAHA!!)
 The choice is yours, dearie! But… do choose wisely…!

A valuable bronze collectible Mortighull “Reaper Captain” coin created by 1,000 Arts and designed by world-famous artist and coin designer Xixhua Zhu. These coins are extremely limited, and made of genuine precious metal.


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