Gleamio competition. Enter to Win Leprechaun Irish Garden Statues September 2019 on Best of Gleam.

Win all of the garden statues pictured. From left to right: Old Tom, Good Robert, Pat Murphy, Paddy, Michael, & Mr. Kevin

The Leprechaun Irish Garden Statue by Brookfield Company is one of the Leprechauns of Ballycoreagh.
Originally sculpted by Marnie S. Pold for Ballycoreagh Studios, we present the Leprechauns, who were encountered on the search for Ballycoreach Castle.

Each is approximately 9 inches tall and comes with an aluminum spike cast into the base for mounting in the garden. Handmade of durable cement. This material has great weather resistance, less porosity and greater flexibility than other materials, and thus allows their planters and accessories to be used outdoors indefinitely in virtually any climate or location.

Leprechaun Irish Garden Statue measures:
Weight: 3 lbs. Height: 9″

This item ships within 48 hours of a winner being chosen.

Retail value: $380.00


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