Gleamio sweepstakes. Enter to Win Kriptomat LRC Giveaway May 2019 on Database.


Kriptomat and Loopring are celebrating the partnership with an LRC token giveaway!

To celebrate our partnership we are launching an LRC token giveaway for all traders and LRC holders. This giveaway is also commemorating the Kriptomat Security Token Offering and the new Loopring protocol 3.0
Enter this free giveaway campaign for a chance to win up to 15,000 LRC tokens.


The campaign will be open for one month, from 12:00 PM CET on the 23rd of April 2019 until 12:00 AM CET on the 23rd of May 2019.

*The value of cryptocurrencies may vary. As a result, LRC may be worth more or less than when the campaign ends.





  1. 5600 LRC tokens are distributed among the first 300 participants who completed all the tasks in the gleam campaign.
  2. 4200 LRC tokens are distributed among the 200 participants who collect the most points/extra points – referring a friend.
  3. 2800 LRC tokens are distributed among all participants in the giveaway (2800 divided by the number of participants = sum of received tokens).


When the Kriptomat Twitter channel hits 1000 new followers (3400 followers in total) + the Loopring Twitter channel hits 1000 new followers (31000 followers in total), 
another 2800 LRC tokens will be distributed among all the participants.


Known issues and solutions: If you have problems with the “Retweet” task, please try changing your browser, changing the Gleam log-in method, or going to Incognito mode.


Entries will be accepted from

23 April 2019 at 12 PM (CET) – 23 May 2019 at 12 AM (CET)

In order to receive the LRC tokens, the recipient must provide their valid ETH address. The items will be sent to the ETH address a couple of days after the giveaway is finished. Please do not provide an exchange wallet address.


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