gleam giveaway
gleam giveaway

Gleamio competition. Enter to Win Haunted House Books Giveaway and Exclusive Stephen King dust cover $200+ value February 2019 on Best of Gleam.

  • ​1980 Stephen King “The Shining” with signed custom signed dust cover from cover artist
  • Mixi J Applebottom “Deadlocked Dollhouse” 
  • Mixi J Applebottom “Padlocked Penthouse”
  • Shirley Jackson “The Haunting of Hill House”- Hardcover with black edged pages
  • Alexandra Sokoloff “The Harrowing”  – Signed copy
  • Morphing mug- with Pennywise and Georgie
  • Darcy Coates “Folcroft Ghosts”
  • Amy Cross “The Ghost of Lakeforth Hotel”
  • Ambrose Ibsen “Black Acres Collection”
  • Richard Matheson “Hell House”

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