Gleamio contest. Enter to Win GoFish Cam GiveAway hosted by Yentna and Outdoors360! June 2019 on

Win a GoFishCam! These camera’s are absolutely incredible. 

What it is

Until now you could only imagine what was going on beneath the surface. You could only guess about the one that got away. You didn’t know how the fish were reacting to your bait or lure. 

But now you can. GoFish Cam lets you see it all! 

GoFish Cam is a wireless camera that sits on your fishing line and has been uniquely designed to not affect your fishing line or bait/lure presentation. This way you can see your lure, allowing you to capture the action of the strike and fight.

Made For All Fishing Styles

Use your GoFish Cam in both freshwater and saltwater environments to capture underwater video when casting, trolling, kayak fishing, bottom fishing, and float fishing.


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