Gleamio competition. Enter to Win Custom Gaming PC January 2020 on Best of Gleam.

As an incentive to grow on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram I have decided to reward those of you that support me with something awesome!

I will build and ship a custom gaming PC for one winner that will be designed to play current games (at the time of building) at high settings with over 60fps in game.

The approximate value of this prize is $1,000

As the year progresses I will be updating the list that can be found here with the parts you can expect to have built into the system.

The entries are live right now but the drawing will only take place once we hit 100 average viewers for 10 days straight at

If we aren’t able to hit this number by the end of 2019 the giveaway will reset for 2020 and an alternate reward will be drawn.
(The approximate value of the alternate reward will be less than $1,000 but the exact item has not been determined at this time)


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