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Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog
As you probably know, on my Youtube channel I teach people just like you how to live fulfilling lives, become better shooters, and reach their goals. 
When I started training online, one of my biggest goals was to reach 100,000 subscribers on Youtube… and I’m getting so close! 

Now I really need your help…

I am running this giveaway because I need your help spreading the word of my Youtube channel to help me reach my goal!

As as thank you for your help, I am giving away more than I ever have before, including some of my most exclusive training products!

1st place: My revolutionary “New Rules of Marksmanship Course”
2nd place: 1 year of FREE membership to my exclusive Center Mass Group
3rd place: A signed copy of my best selling book “Navy SEAL Shooting”

4th place (5 WINNERS!): Audio book of “Navy SEAL Shooting”

Thank you again for all of your help, teammate! HOOYAH!

Chris “Snowman” Sajnog


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