Gleamio sweepstakes. Enter to Win ChainSoldiers Axie Land Giveaway March 2019 on Gleam List.

“Axie Infinity is a digital pet community centered around collecting, training, raising, and battling fantasy creatures called Axie.” Axie Infinity is already one of the most popular games to use blockchain technology, ensuring true ownership of all game assets and providing the option to make money through smart play.

Help spread the news of the newly opened Axie Land Sale by participating in the social media tasks below. 

Winners will be chosen at random by Gleam’s random number generator, the more entries you have the better your odds. Make sure to follow @ChainSoldiers on twitter to receive notification of winning.


Winners choice; Savannah Land Plot or an Axie Battle-Team

The contest will begin with a single winner, after 250 entries a additional winner will be unlocked and again at 500 entries for a total of 3 winners. 

*Update* With now over 1000 entries, we are upgrading the1st place prize to a Forest Land Plot 👍


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