Gleamio sweeps. Enter to Win Battle Racers Giveaway by @ChainSoldiers June 2019 on Gleam Database.

Battle Racers, the action packed online racing game, is running a pre-sale for all would be Battle Racers starting May 21st.  Buy crates of randomized parts, assemble your racer and enter the VR world of Decentraland where you can race on user created tracks or create your own to have fun while earning Cryptocurrency.

🎥 Beta Preview Footage with @CloudwhiteWhale

Participating in this giveaway will give you all the info you need to get started in the world of Battle Racers and, if you are lucky, may get you some free assets.

Winner(s) will be selected randomly (via Gleams RNG) at the conclusion of this contest.  Make sure to follow the contest host, @ChainSoldiers, on twitter or join discord to receive notification of winning.  After notifications are made, winners have 72 hours to respond and claim their prize.


The prize pool now sits at 12 winners receiving 1 wooden crate each.

Huge ​”thank you”🙏 to the Battle Racers team for contributing 10 of the available wooden crates.

(This giveaway will continue to be fueled by referral rewards, as participation grows the quantity and quality of prizes will also.)


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