gleam giveaway
gleam giveaway

Gleamio sweepstakes. Enter to Win 4/20 GIVEAWAY – WIN A GHOST MV1 BUNDLE FROM VAPORNATION May 2019 on Database.


Spring is here and what better way to start the new season than winning a Ghost MV1 vaporizer, fast charger, and extra battery from VaporNation? There are over 20 ways to enter this month, with no limit on the number of entries you can submit, so get as many in as you can to boost your chances of winning one of the most powerful and efficient portable vaporizers out today!
The Ghost MV1 vaporizer delivers true convection heating in seconds. A pod-based “crucible system” makes for easy loading and budgeting of material, while the swappable 9 amp lithium-ion battery gives the MV1 enough power to reach your highest temperature in just 10 seconds from a cold start. Ghost made the crucibles from ceramic, which pairs with the convection heating to preserve your dry herb or concentrates flavor no matter what temperature you set the MV1 to. A smartphone app gives you added temperature control over your sessions and allows you to register your vape for an extended warranty.
As you take a draw from the MV1’s adjustable mouthpiece your material is coated in hot air, from there the extended vapor path and updated heat-sink cool your vapor before it reaches your lips, leading to the maximum flavor. The Ghost MV1 is one of the more efficient vaporizers out as well, as anywhere from .1 to.5 grams of material will give you multiple effective draws. Knowing that dry herb isn’t the only material to vape, Ghost made the MV1 compatible with concentrates by way of an included stainless-steel concentrate insert that fits perfectly into your crucible.
To ensure you have non-stop vaping in the palm of your hand Ghost is including a Fast Charger and Extra Battery. The Fast Charger gets your Ghost to full battery life in just two hours, and when paired with the Extra Battery you’re able to swap out dead batteries for fresh ones to ensure constant convection vaping.
Now that you’re good and psyched on the Ghost MV1 go ahead and get those entries in! Remember, there are over 20 ways to enter this month AND no limit on the number of entries you can put in, so get on your grind and you could be lucky enough to take home a free Ghost MV1.


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