Gleamio competition. Enter to Win 10,000 APEX LEGENDS COIN’S GIVEAWAY March 2019 on Gleam Database.

MalikanLIVE is excited to announce this 10,000 APEX LEGENDS COIN’S Giveaway for lucky winner’s where it will be drawn and announced on the mentioned date during a live stream, shared as well in Discord wherein each winner shall receive 2,000 + 150 Bonus Apex coin’s. Make sure to join our Discord Server. The winner’s will be given Paypal, Playstation, XBOX, Amazon OR other Gift Cards so that they can use to purchase the said coin’s. How To Enter: Complete actions below to gain entry into this giveaway. When entering please use a primary email address, as that is how we will contact the winner.

Please note that in the event of a “no show” for a period of 7 days then the prize will be canceled.

As always, I greatly appreciate you ALL and this is how I am able to give back to my community. <3


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